• in coordination with the Saudi Health Council, the Ministry of Trade and Investment oblige the importers and suppliers of medical devices



    Sirs / the respected participants of the Chamber

    Peace and blessings

               Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of the receipt of the letter of the Saudi Chambers Council No.  (H.g / 1594), the date (06/03/1438 ),referred it to the receipt of the Council letter of the Saudi Health Council No. (1-12509) date (5.29.1438 e),referred it to the letter by the Royal Decree No. (22370) dated 13/05/1438), of the approval of the Saudi health Council resolution No. (6/75) date (26/12/1437) about the Saudi health Council in coordination with the Ministry of trade and investment to oblige importers and suppliers of medical devices, including proving  that they have a license of the General Committee for food and drug Administration and including the permission of marketing each product they intend to sell it to the health institution.

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