Business Information Center

Information is of particular importance in the lives of individuals and communities because we live in an information age that has transformed the world into a small village, shortening distances and breaking barriers. Any institution that wishes to keep abreast of the times must have an effective information strategy to meet the requirements of this age.

Early on, Asharqia Chamber recognized the importance of information and established an Information Center especially for business people who depend on accurate, modern, and trustworthy information. The Chamber's Business Information Center has a distinct collection of data that covers important information about Saudi Arabia and the Eastern Region in particular. The Center is also linked with a number of global databases that specialize in business information, and there are plans to build more local databases and to participate with new databases that will allow business people to have access to the information they require at any time.

The Business Information Center's personnel are a group of a group of young qualified Saudis trained in information collection and distribution. The Center contantly seeks to develop and update its information collection in order to best serve business people and Asharqia Chamber.

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