• Nominations open for membership in the Saudi-South African Business Council

    Event StartDate :04/08/2021
    Event EndDate : 11/08/2021

    ​Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received the letter of the Federation of Saudi Chambers No. 42504725 dated December 23, 1442, AH, which includes opening the door for candidacy for the remaining period of the current session of the Saudi-South African Business Council.

    Therefore, we hope that your Excellency, if you wish to join the council, review the regulations of the Saudi business councils and the terms of membership, fill out the nomination form and return it to fax (013 8576660) or e-mail (hhamzi@Chamber.org.sa)​ no later than Tuesday 11/08/2021 AD And for inquiries, contact Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Moaibed, Executive Director of the International Relations Department of the Federation of Saudi Chambers, on mobile (0556669472), e-mail (aalmuaibid@fsc.org.sa)

    Note that the final approval of the nominated names is done by the Federation of Saudi Chambers.​​​ 

    نموذج تسجيل الجنوب أفريقي.pdf


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