• annual reception for businessmen 2014

    Event Start Date :07 December 2014
    Event End Date : 07 December 2014

    The easternChamberorganizing the  (annualreceptionfor businessmen2014), which aims toenhance communicationbetween the Chamberandall segments of society, under thepatronage of His RoyalHighnessPrince Saudbin Nayefbin Abdul Aziz,Emir ofthe Eastern Region.
    OnSunday, December 7th, 2014in theSheraton Hotelin Dammam
    accompanyingthe ceremonyhonoringthe winners ofDr.GhaziAlgosaibi forbestpromisingfacility. 

    Official Ceremony

    For moreinformation, pleasecommunicate with thepublic relations departmentat thenumbers:

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