• Workshop: "How To Develop Your Small Business Enterprise"

    Event Start Date :13 June 2009
    Event End Date : 24 June 2009

    Those who wantto start a small or medium business enterprises or increase their competitivenesscan join Asharqia Chamber's Small &Medium Enterprise Development Center andAl-Ahli Small Enterprises Program. A program offered by the Social ServicesDepartment of the National Commercial Bank.
    This is an open invitation for all who would like to participate in the workshop entitled:
    "How ToDevelop Your Small Business Enterprise"
    The programwill include:
    1.     Guidance for beginners.
    2.     Strategic planning.
    3.     Financing ideas for small businesses.
    4.     Financial and accounting regulations.
    5.     Market planning and pricing regulations.
    6.     Human resources management.
    7.     Inventory regulation and supply preparation.
    8.     Credit sales skills.
    9.     Saudi numerical regulations.
    10. Exportation opportunities for small business enterprises.
    The program targets:
    1.     Saudi owners and managers of small or medium business enterprises.
    2.     Those who have at least completed high school.
    3.     Those who have a strong desire to start or develop a small or medium business enterprise.
    4.     Those who have a sincere desire to learn the latest in finance and business information.
    Register now because space is limited.
    If you have any questions please visit Asharqia Chamber's website:www.chamber.org.sa
    or call: 859-8036 or fax: 859-8053
    or email:smedec@chamber.org.sa
    The workshop will be held at Asharqia Chamber – Main Building

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    4:00 PM
    Ending Time
    9:00 PM
    Asharqia Chamber's Small &Medium Enterprise Development Center
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    Asharqia Chamber - Main Building
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