• Scenario Planning Workshop

    Event Start Date :16 May 2009
    Event End Date : 18 May 2009

      The Asharqia Chamber Training Center is organizing a Scenario Planning Workshop scheduled to last for 3 days, from 8am -3pm, beginning on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The workshop entitled "Tools for Advanced Management" will be presented by Dr. Abdur-Rahaman Tawfeeq, the founder and president of the Occupational Information Center and advisor to the International Bank.               The workshop will include a comprehensive definition of scenario planning and advanced techniques and tools that help administrative planners plan for future possibilities, future probabilities, and future preferences. Also included will be the seven steps for building a future scenario, things that must be avoided during scenario planning, important things that must be done in order to effect change while scenario planning, practical application methods that can be used by Arab and international foundations for scenario planning, and common challenges that face modern day planners.
                   The workshop will attempt to answer a number of questions such as: Should we wait for the world around us to suddenly change? Why look at conventional strategic planning as if it is ineffective because of problems associated with it? What should we do when we are uncertain? And when do we need scenario planning?
                   Dr. Abdur-Rahaman Tawfeeq is the founder of Dar Al-Arabia Publishing, the first publishing company to specialize in publishing the best books in the administration field. He is also the author of the intellectual model entitled "Levels of Understanding" in which he sought to combine Islamic thought with modern management ideas to analyze strategy. He is a noted member of The American Administration Organization, The American Organization for Training and Development, the Organization for Advanced Administration, the International Trade Organization, and the Alexander Hamilton Organization. His name also appears in Whose Who – International Personalities in the Field of Training and Human Development. 
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    8:00 AM
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    3:00 PM
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    Asharqia Chamber - Main Building
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