• The Public Transport Authority confirms the developments of the trucking sector in the eastern region


    ​In a workshop in the Asharqia Chamber​

    The Public Transport Authority confirms the developments of the trucking sector in the eastern region​ 

    On Thursday (26 / January / 2023), the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Logistics Committee, held a workshop entitled (Transportation of Goods by Trucks), in which representatives of the General Authority for Transport participated. They dealt with several topics about the cargo transport sector and the challenges that the industry faces at this stage.

     During the workshop, which was moderated by the Chairman of the Logistics Committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Rakan bin Abdul Rahman Al-Ottishan, the most prominent developments in the sector in the eastern region were reviewed, as the total number of active vehicles exceeded 46.5 thousand trucks, and drivers cards issued by more than 37.4 thousand cards, as a natural result of the increase in the number of licenses issued during the three The current years, which currently amounted to about 1326 licenses, while in 2022 about 486 licenses were issued, 264 permits in 2021, and 165 licenses in 2020, according to the Director General of the Public Authority for Transportation branch in the eastern region / Eng. Majid bin Muhammad Al-Dowayan.​

    Al-Dowayan added that the eastern region is one of the regions in the Kingdom most committed to the authority’s regulations, and the least in terms of violations that the administration seeks to reduce to the lowest degree, including carrying goods in an unsafe manner, lack of a transport document for the goods, operating a vehicle without an operating card, and non-conformity of protection barriers. front, rear, or side of the truck to the specifications required by the competent authorities, and to hire a driver without obtaining a driver’s card .. stressing that overcoming these violations has become very easy and that we are witnessing a great response from Saudi investors in this regard, and we will reach the automation of the rest of the procedures In this aspect to facilitate it for the beneficiaries and develop the investment environment in this vital activity.

    During the workshop, a "transportation portal" was introduced, which includes more than 200 electronic services, including the "cargo documentation" service. Al-Duwain explained that the transport document is a document issued under the transport contract and is considered proof of the carrier's receipt of the goods subject to the transport in the condition described in it for delivery to the sender.

    He stated that the requirements for obtaining the transport document begin with registration in the transport portal, which grants this document after verifying some requirements, and through which the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the transport process are guaranteed, and quality is raised and security and safety are enhanced, by ensuring the regularity of drivers and vehicles.
    The workshop witnessed detailed discussions about the reality and future of trucking in the Eastern Province.​

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