• The General Assembly of the Asharqia Chamber approves the financial statements and the operating and capital budget for the year 2023


    ​The General Assembly of the Asharqia Chamber approves the financial statements and the operating and capital budget for the year 2023​

    On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, the Asharqia Chamber held the work of the General Assembly for the fiscal year 2022 AD, during which the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Ruzaiza, reviewed the financial statements and the operational and capital budget for the current year 2023.

    Al-Ruzaiza said in front of the association that the Chamber continued its efforts to continue giving following its vision and mission, which is based on supporting and developing the economic and developmental work of the business sector and serving as a platform to enhance communication opportunities, by continuously working to provide high-quality services that meet the aspirations and achieve the aspirations of subscribers and associates according to frameworks that keep pace with development and do not deviate About quality and workmanship options.

    Al-Ruzaiza indicated that the Chamber is moving according to an ambitious strategic plan in line with the national vision for economic diversification and that the past year was distinguished in terms of achievements, offering, adopting, and implementing programs and initiatives.
    Last year, the chamber prepared more than 33 studies, research, reports, and specialized working papers, and issued about 25 products that included the state of trade relations between the Kingdom and other countries, and about 20 topics that represent the chamber’s views on economic developments in the country.
    In terms of legal services and advice, the number of beneficiaries of legal advice provided by the Chamber's specialized staff has reached about 615, while the number of arbitration cases handled by the Chamber has reached about 24 cases, of which 8 cases have been completed, and the number of commercial dispute cases reached 23 cases of which 16 cases have been completed. The number of registered and closed protest cases reached 18, of which 6 were terminated.
    To expand the work of the Chamber in the field of legal advice and commercial arbitration, working within the institutional framework, the Chamber launched the Arbitration Center, which is based on a group of experienced and competent people in the field of arbitration.
    As for the services of the Training and Leadership Development Center, the center has implemented 40 training and rehabilitation programs, and the number of beneficiaries of the center's services has reached about 1,733 trainees, with several training days amounting to about 111 days, with 475 training hours.
      To complete the Saudiasation support system, the Chamber worked during 2022 AD to continue supporting the Saudiasation​ endeavors, as the Employment Center organized 14 meetings in cooperation with several establishments. as part of the Chamber’s services aimed at supporting businesswomen in the region, the Women’s Empowerment Center in the Chamber implemented 65 programs and events that varied between lectures, seminars, and workshops, from which 5,600 women benefited. The Center also provided 145 information services on all economic activities, in addition to providing 9 specialized training programs aimed at To educate and assisting women with ideas and projects to start their projects and organize specialized workshops on empowering women in family businesses, in addition to establishing the Women's Economic Forum 2022.

    The Chamber paid attention and attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, and during the past year, it had several activities under various titles, including direct consultations, training programs, expanded meetings, and various visits to young businessmen and women. The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Center provided about 680 consultations throughout the year. Between administrative, marketing, constituent, and technical consultations, the center also organized 16 lectures, workshops, and meetings.
    The business committees achieved several achievements, as they carried out 63 meetings, in addition to 48 meetings of work teams and 19 expanded meetings. The number of lectures and workshops organized by the committee's sector reached 77 lectures and workshops, while the number of hosts, visits, and meetings of officials reached 64 meetings.
    To strengthen ways of cooperation and develop international relations to promote foreign investment, the number of visits by diplomatic and official delegations and important personalities to the Chamber reached about 26, while the number of Saudi businessmen participating in external events and events amounted to about 20 delegations.
    Based on the social responsibility of the Asharqia Chamber and in continuation of its charitable contributions through the Patients’ Friends Committee, several health centers were equipped to receive auditors to receive anti-coronavirus doses by providing medical devices and supplies, in addition to visiting several hospitals to touch their needs, and also organized a meeting of the General Assembly of the Patients’ Friends Committee In the Eastern region, under the auspices and honor of His Highness, the Emir of the Eastern Province.
    As part of the Chamber's interest in human capital, upgrading the Chamber's cadre, and developing the internal work environment, where 14 general and specialized training programs were held, benefiting 17 employees, and developing administrative and technical systems for the interior environment, 4 quality certificates related to information security, quality management, customer complaints, and business continuity were renewed, as well The Chamber received a certificate for the best work environment.
    At the end of the association’s work, Al-Ruzaiza appreciated the great support from His Royal Highness, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, for all the activities and initiatives launched by the Chamber, to confirm his highness’s keenness to sponsor the private sector and stand beside it, and open more horizons Work and investment in front of him, as well as the support of the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Region, and praised the vital role in support of His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi also thanked all government agencies and departments and others, which had outstanding contributions and clear fingerprints in many projects launched by the Chamber during the past year.

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