• Offering 56 investment opportunities in the fields of tourism, education and services in Jubail Industrial City


    ​During a workshop in the Asharqia Chamber​

    Offering 56 investment opportunities in the fields of tourism, education, and services in Jubail Industrial City

    The Director of the Commercial and Residential Investment Department at the Royal Commission in Jubail, Manea bin Yahya Al Mansour, affirmed the Commission's keenness to attract distinguished investors and qualified international brands in their investment fields, to communicate with them to invest in Jubail Industrial City, according to the Commission's procedures.

    This came during a workshop organized by the Asharqia Chamber today, Monday, March 20, 2023, entitled (Review of investment mechanisms and opportunities in the Royal Commission for Jubail Industrial City), during which he reviewed 56 investment opportunities in the city, including tourism, educational, service, health, and residential investment opportunities.

    He pointed out that the authority seeks to be "the best choice for investors in the industrial sector and the main contributor to the progress and sustainability of the industry in the Kingdom, through the development, empowerment, and management of sustainable industrial cities that encourage innovation and provide advanced infrastructure and distinguished services to lead to a prosperous economy and a vibrant society that keeps pace with the aspirations of the nation and partners."

    He mentioned that Jubail Industrial, in the year 2021, has become one of the largest industrial cities in the world, as it includes more than 35,000 housing units, and it has 15 clinics and hospitals, 4 colleges and institutes, 116 mosques, 5 beaches, 1,500 commercial establishments, 97 schools and kindergartens, and 19 gardens and parks, and the share of each inhabitant is estimated at 89 square meters of green areas, and the city won the first Learning City Award.

    He pointed out that there are several incentives for investment in Jubail Industrial City, including that it is a city with a strategic location on the coast of the Arabian Gulf near four Gulf capitals (Kuwait, Manama, Doha, and Riyadh), and has an infrastructure of international standards, in addition to that the Royal Commission grants long agreements. The term may reach 50 years for projects of a special nature and other incentives.

    He explained that there are criteria adopted by the Authority for the selection of investors. After providing the basic requirements of the commercial register and so on, the Authority looks at the performance of the investor in similar projects, the number of years of experience, the bid price, the global presence, and the added value as criteria upon which the investor is selected.​


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