• Made in Saudi Arabia: the registration of more than 1,700 companies representing the identity of the national industries


    ​Made in Saudi Arabia: the registration of more than 1,700 companies representing the identity of the national industries​

    The Director General of the "Made in Saudi Arabia" program, Faisal bin Ahmed Al-Maghlouth, confirmed that more than 1,700 companies representing the identity of national industries in the local and international markets have joined the program, of which 700 companies have had the program’s logo placed on their products.

    Al-Maghlouth said during a workshop organized by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Business Youth Council, on Tuesday evening, March 14, 2023, and moderated by Vice President of the Council, Rami Al-Sayed, that the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program is a national initiative launched by the Saudi Export Development Authority, within the initiatives of the National Industry Development and Logistics Services Program, which seeks to Market national goods and services to become the preferred choice locally and globally, in cooperation with partners from the private sector, to make Saudi goods and services the preferred choice locally and globally, and what this means is “committed to building a reliable brand that drives the demand for Saudi products and services, locally and globally.”

    He added that the objectives of the program include several segments represented in "the local and international consumer, and the society of the industrial and service sectors," as the program seeks to increase the share of the local market in Saudi goods and services, increase non-oil exports to priority foreign markets, and enhance the attractiveness of the Saudi industrial sector for local investment. Therefore, those in charge of the program seek to build and strengthen a special identity for national industries and services and market them locally and internationally.

    Al-Maghlouth said that the program contributes to achieving several goals that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 seeks to achieve, including developing the private sector’s contribution to the national economy, unleashing the capabilities of promising non-oil sectors, developing non-oil exports, and creating job opportunities through small and medium enterprises and micro-enterprises, and in general "Promoting the Saudi National Identity".

    He pointed out that the program's partners have exceeded forty partners from government and private establishments and institutions, and work are underway to add more, as more than 1,700 companies have joined the program, providing 8,364 products, including 700 companies that put the logo on their products, and work is underway to increase the number of companies.

    He reviewed the mechanism of joining the "Made in Saudi Arabia" program, stressing the need to observe the necessary controls for joining, such as product licensing and certificates that confirm this, in addition to its specialization in specific fields. The program seeks to develop it and achieve its presence in the local and international markets, noting that several advantages are achieved. By joining, including marketing locally and abroad, achieving communication with governmental and private agencies, as well as obtaining the services of the Export Development Authority, and other advantages, calling for joining the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program, after providing all its requirements, because of its benefits and privileges which it gets used to the product and the national economy in general.​

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