• Al-Juma'a: a festival dedicated to empowering groups with disabilities


    ​During the monthly Tuesday meeting at the Asharqia Chamber branch in Qatif​

    Al-Juma'a: a festival dedicated to empowering groups with disabilities​ 

    ​The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club for​ Disabilities in the Eastern Region, Dr. Khaled Al-Jumaia, revealed that more than 74.6 thousand people out of a total of 103 thousand people with disabilities in the Eastern Region, due to the small number of clubs concerned with this category in the region, as there is only one club that owns a specialized facility. To sponsor this category, out of 16 clubs across the Kingdom.

    He said during the monthly Tuesday meeting (for the month of February) at the Asharqia Chamber branch in Al-Qatif Governorate that the Disabled Club in the Eastern Region is an educational and sports institution licensed by the Ministry of Sports and has a legal personality to contribute to the preparation of a good citizen, through activities and programs suitable for people with disabilities, as it was established In the year 1436 AH, confirming that the Club for People with Disabilities obtained the necessary approvals to allocate a land in the center of Dammam, as it is distinguished by its proximity to the main exits, whether in Qatif or Jubail and Al-Khobar, explaining that the Club for People with Disabilities is planning to establish a sports city on that land to match international cities.

    He revealed the club's intention to organize a "quality" festival for people with disabilities under the slogan "Let's share them" in partnership with Qatif Governorate, in the "Awamiya" center project during the period from 14 to 18 March, with the participation of more than 20 governmental and private agencies, explaining that the festival is held at the level of the eastern region. In all its categories (sensory disability, motor disability, and mental disability), indicating that the festival embraces many educational, cultural, sports and entertainment programs and events for people with disabilities.

    He explained that the activities and programs that will be held in the festival are distributed over activities, sports tournaments, an employment forum, successful experiences, awareness seminars and lectures, introducing the achievements (talented people with disabilities) and an exhibition of artistic drawings and handicrafts, provided that participation is by groups with disabilities in the eastern region. And their families, and those interested in serving people with disabilities, and authorities related to serving people with disabilities.

    He pointed out that the strategic objectives of the festival revolve around empowering people with disabilities, highlighting their creativity and achievements, providing rehabilitation and medical support for people with disabilities, providing supportive agencies from government institutions and associations, achieving the best quality standards in terms of services provided, providing a voluntary program to serve this group, and providing appropriate support for people with disabilities in all fields.
    He mentioned that the club, through this festival, seeks to enable the employment of energies, discover and develop talents among people with disabilities, promote the positive view of society towards people with disabilities, and develop the social, cultural and sports aspects of families and society.​

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