Al Qatiff is a historic, coastal oasis region located on the western shore of the Persian Gulf in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It extends from Ras Tanura and Jubail in the north to Dammam in the south, and from the Persian Gulf in the east to King Fahd International Airport in the west.

This region includes the city of Qatif as well many smaller towns and villages. Qatif is well-known for its traditional markets (suqs) such as the weekly Thursday Market "Suq Alkhamees" and "Suq Waqif", Qatif has become famous in the oil industry recently, mainly due to the giant Qatif project, which produces 800,000 barrels of oil each day.

Most interesting tourist and archeological places:

Dareen Palace.

(Abdul Wahhab Pasha Palace) is located on the coast of Darren and date back to the year to 1884 built by Muhammad bin Abdulwahab Al Faihani, who was working in the pearl trade and exporting it to the many countries, thus the palace was named on him.

Tarut Castle

Tarut Castle is the most famous castle in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and the oldest castle in the Persian Gulf. It was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, on the rubble from an event 5 thousand years before.

Moreover, it is located on beautiful main streets near shops and main services. It is even now fighting Nature’s force, age, and negligence to remain an important emblem of antiquities and heritage not only in our valuable country but worldwide. On the towers of the castle, the viewer can see most of the island, its shores and gardens from every direction.

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