Hafar Al-Batin

Hafar Al-Batin is a Saudi Arabian city in the Eastern Province and located in the
Northeastern region. It is located 480 km the north of Riyadh, 90 km from Kuwait border and about 70 from the Iraq border. All the downtown and roads of Hafar Al-Batin are paved. It is connected with an international network of roads, connecting Saudi Arabia with Kuwait in the East and connecting the North with the Province, making it such a significant growing city which gained a great importance as a trading site.

Hafar Al-Batin was just a route in the desert that pilgrims passed through from Mecca for Hajj. At that time , there was no water available in this land, the pilgrims travelled from Iraq to Mecca on a long route without water, complaints of pilgrims reached Abu-Musa al-Asha'ari, a companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who answered by digging for new wells along this route in the Al-Batin valley. The name of Hafar Al-Batin was derived from this which means "the hole of Al-Batin Valley".

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