• Experts discuss 3 main axes in the 2024 commercial forum


    Organized by the Asharqia Chamber next week

    Specialists discuss 3 main topics at the 2024 Trade Forum


    The Chairman of Asharqia Chamber, Hani bin Hassan Al-Afaleq, stated that a number of experts and specialists in the commercial field are participating in the events of the 2024 "Future of Business" commercial forum organized by the Asharqia Chamber under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of the Eastern Region, on Monday, February 19, 2024.


    The experts are discussing several axes that shed light on factors influencing the business process, including customer behavior variables and their impact on business success, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs considering competition and sustainability as two key strategies for success and excellence, as well as operational efficiency for project success by considering innovation and creativity and their role in the growth and expansion of establishments.

    In the first session of the forum, which focuses on the axis of customer behavior trends and their impact on the future of business, Abdulrahman Al-Olayan, co-founder and CEO of Nice One, Fahad Al-Buqami, consumer protection specialist, and Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, Chief Customer Experience Officer, are speaking. Ali bin Saeed Al-Muraisel, a member of the Commercial Committee of the Chamber, is chairing the session.


    In the second session, which discusses the importance of competition and sustainability strategies in the success of entrepreneurs, Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Omran, partner, co-founder, and CEO of Impact46, Ibrahim bin Jamal Al-Jassim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eipag Holding, and Mohammed bin Sulaiman Al-Saif, CEO of Al Saif Gallery and board member, are speaking. The session is chaired by Abdullah bin Khalid Al-Zamil, CEO of Raz Capital.


    In the third session, which addresses the role of innovation and creativity in enhancing project operational efficiency, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Oyban, founder and CEO of Nearpay, Dr. Mohammed Hattout, marketing consultant, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Qadi, founder and CEO of Al-Dhawqah Food Company, and Ghassab bin Salman Al-Mandil, CEO of Jaz Group, are speaking. The session is chaired by the investor and podcast host, Mashhoor bin Abdullah Al-Dubayan, known for Swalef Business.

    Al-Afaleq emphasized that the forum, through its participants, will address national trends to support economic and commercial sectors, the future vision of the sector, and how to keep pace with its targets. He pointed out that the forum represents one of the platforms driven by the Asharqia Chamber to enhance cooperation and communication between relevant entities and commercial pioneers from the region. Additionally, it aims to raise awareness among them about investment opportunities provided by the sector within the current vibrant environment of the national economy across all sectors. Furthermore, it seeks to raise awareness about successful international experiences in addressing sector challenges and deriving appropriate mechanisms from them.









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