• "Step by step" brochure about the Asharqia Chamber presents a roadmap for starting a small project


    ​"Step by step" brochure about the Asharqia Chamber presents a roadmap for starting a small project

    A comprehensive and integrated picture of small projects, their importance and development mechanisms, presented by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women Empowerment Center, in a brochure entitled (Step by Step to Start Your Small Business), as well as many tips and instructions for those who want to start setting up their small projects or for owners of already existing projects and striving for growth and expand their small businesses.

    The booklet, through its three sections, focuses on three main themes; The first axis focuses on defining the term project and the differences with other relevant terms and the multiple and varied classifications contained in that term. The second axis shows the mechanisms and sound foundations in choosing the appropriate project.This is according to several factors, foremost of which is the needs of the surrounding geographical environment, while the third axis focuses, through explanations supported by various models, on how to prepare a feasibility study for small projects.

    The brochure is based in general on the importance of small and medium enterprises in the national economy, on the grounds that these enterprises constitute one of the most important bases of the national economy in the Kingdom, which helps them to be competitive with the major industrial countries, as the development of small and medium enterprises helps in encouraging To raise economic growth rates and enhance the national performance of the Kingdom’s economy, and to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.​​​

    It should be noted that the Women's Empowerment Center in Asharqia Chamber provides a qualitative addition in caring for the interests of businesswomen in the region, through distinguished performance and various services, and it is constantly working on developing subscriber services and finding ways to improve the level of these services​​​ and is active in organizing many events Related to women with economic dimensions, it receives businesswomen delegations and student delegations, participates in local and foreign exhibitions, and establishes and updates databases and information for businesswomen in the Eastern Province on an ongoing basis.​

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