• Trade Tensions Drop US Stocks in Brief Trading Session


     The three major US stock indices ended a brief trading session lower on Friday, hurt by rising tensions between the United States and China over Hong Kong, fueling investor concern over trade talks between the two economic giants.​

    The index Dow Jones industrial average closed down 112.59 points, or 0.4 percent, to 28051.41 points, while the index S & P 500 fell 12.65 points, the broader, or 0.4 percent, to close at 3140.98 points.​

    The index closed the Nasdaq Composite was down 39.70 points, or 0.46 percent to 8665.47 points, according to "Reuters."​

    The three indices ended the week on gains, with S&P up 1 percent, Dow Jones 0.65 percent and Nasdaq 1.71 percent.

    It also ended the month on gains, with S&P up 3.4 percent, Dow Jones 3.7 percent and Nasdaq 4.5 percent.​

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