• Tourist trades two billion pounds in London gallery



    Kicks off today with the participation of 180 countries

    Tourist trades two billion pounds in London gallery


    Opens in London today, world travel market, which is the main international events highlighted in world tourism and travel, and this year some 50,000 people from around the world in a bid to promote tourism to their countries and companies in which they work. Britain is keen to host the show, which lasts three days, given the large revenue generates the economy should the contribution of the participants by about 160 million pounds in the form of hotel reservations, restaurants, and transportation, are expected to cruise deals are signed two billion pounds. Reviewed by John aunins, public relations officer of the exhibition for the ' economic ' what distinguishes this year indicate that there are about 180 countries and regions participated in the exhibition and the largest number is maybe not in history but in the history of exhibitions, forums, attractions around the world.
    And about the significance of John that entrenches the leadership role for Britain in select spots and tourist areas the President around the world, and that the transactions which would form the world's tourist map by 2014. And on Arabic, the home organizational sector Vice President Howard said that there was significant interest by a number of Arabic countries to participate in the exhibition for the ' economic ', the Arabic participation this year, there are a number of GCC States as the Sultanate of Oman and Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are participating in the fair this year in addition to Libya, Egypt and, of course, is a permanent guest at international tourism fairs.
    While reducing some of the usefulness of the participation of Libya in the world travel market this year under the State of insecurity in the country, the Libyan Ministry of tourism stressed that participation is not currently designed for cruise deals, but come under the definition of senior officials of the tourism world possibilities and tourist infrastructure of Libya, with the aim of creating a platform can be built upon in the future when the security situation improves to attract tourists and to make tourism an effective element of the national income. On the other side, Egypt with a large delegation headed by Hesham zaazou Egyptian Tourism Minister at the show hoping to succeed in convincing the responsible tourism in the world with the political and security situation is improving gradually, and that tourist areas, safe areas. Despite this it is clear that officials in Egypt believe that restoring tourism to recover and Western powers in this area is a political decision rather than a technical resolution.

    According to an official source at the Egyptian Tourist delegation for the ' economic ', refusing to disclose his name, that Western countries exploit the tourism file to put pressure on Egypt economically blackmail the new regime in Cairo, political interference in Egyptian Affairs and serve the vision of the West and its interests. If there are disturbances in some areas in the Sinai, Sharm el Sheikh, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada and is the main tourist spots in Egypt is quite secure, and Western governments know it, but they continue to obstruct the return of tourists to Egypt, tourist agencies, travel West impose harsh and unfair contracts to organize trips to Egypt where low prices and payment systems commensurate with them. According to statistics, the number of tourists who visited the country last year reached 11.5 million versus 6.1 million tourists in 2011, the EU issued a list of tourists to Egypt by 8.4 million tourists, while in second place by 2.8 million tourists. 

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