• The owners of trucking companies complain from high insurance rates on their vehicles




    Looked at their sector development and partnership with the Ministries of "transportation" and "Labor"
    The owners of trucking companies complain from high insurance rates on their vehicles


    Investors in the road transport sector said, they have raised a petition to the High place to consider the high cost of insurance rates on public transport vehicles.
    According to the owners of companies to transfer insurance costs rose against third parties for taxis from 580 rials two years to 5000 riyals before now annually, as the insurance value increased against third parties on heavy vehicles (trucks) 1,000 riyals to 2,000 riyals per year, and the comprehensive insurance on the truck lostrate of 2.5 per cent to 6 per cent of the market value of the vehicle.
    He said the "economic" Bandar Al-Jabri; Chairman of the National Committee for Land Transport in the Council of Saudi Chambers, The National Committee discussed at its second meeting in Jeddah province, yesterday, a number of special future of the road transport sector in the Kingdom of files, to emphasize the importance of the development of the sector in line with theaspirations of the state, along with the importance of activating the partnership with the relevant transport sectors.
    He explained that the Commission addressed the meeting, its partnership with the Ministry of Transport and the quest to develop the road transport sector representatives in public taxis, school transport and the transport of goods and the like of the tracks, and in the interest of all parties to the state and the investor alike, and find out a clear vision for the future of the sector in the market.
    The Chairman of the National Committee for Land Transport in the Council Chambers, that the meeting stressed the importance of cooperation with the Ministry of Labor through the creation of a joint committee with the ministry to discuss ways to reduce the proportions in the ranges in which they operate by the ministry in the measurement of the Saudization program, the emphasis on investors to work to meet the ratioSupported by the government and the Ministry of Labor in bands, cooperation in finding quick solutions to serve Saudization in the sector, with the establishment of specialized institutes of the Ministry to issue regular licenses.
    The Commission is to carry out a series of official visits to the state concerned transport sector institutions, namely: Transportation Authority General, Saudi Railways Organization, the Saudi Company for Railways "walked", PE ports, in order to see public transport and walk strategy in accordance with the orientations of Stateand uniform and orderly.
    Jabri pointed out that investors in the sector finally raised a petition to the High place, to look at the high price of insurance costs on vehicles suddenly public transportation, and other petition addressed the issue of revision of the Saudization rates in the sector operations fact that employees are moving permanently between the cities of the Kingdomand neighboring countries, the lack of specialized institutes and centers for the training of drivers, family spacing, indicating that they will know with the Ministry of Labor to find solutions for the future and ambitious plans for the nationalization of jobs in the sector.
    He added, the National Committee of the transfer, the lift to the Ministry of Commerce last speech in the process, explains the problem of high and their impact on the sector's performance in the market price, and exaggeration in current prices in the presence of a competitive insurance market.
    For his part, Saad bin Dajm; member of the National Committee for Land Transport in the Council Chambers, said the meeting yesterday discussed the package of topics related to the future of the sector, and discuss the issue of raising the cost of insurance on vehicles, which resulted in a lifting of the shrine Commissioner to look at this subject.
    Explained that the high insurance issue affecting all national committees that need to be secured, pointing out that insurance rates go up from year to year on an ongoing basis, with the lack of clarity in the overall picture of future insurance and vision.
    The owners were told the car shows "economic" Earlier, the insurance companies refused to edit documents vehicles in the event of the transfer of property from one owner to another in a negative impact on their activity, and increased the operating costs of the opposition and citizens.
    Owaida Juhani, chairman of the auto shows in the Chamber of Commerce said in Jeddah, for "economic" Earlier, some insurance companies have to raise their prices are not justified, as the price of insurance rose on vehicles from 350 riyals to 750 riyals, equivalent todouble during the specified period.
    He pointed out that the Commission demanded Monetary Agency monitors the prices of insurance companies, which have become raise prices during a single week, more than once, and considering the mandatory car insurance in every purchase, due to the impact on investors in the market, and wasted money.

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