• The consumption of electricity in Saudi Arabia is twice the average global consumption



    The number of subscribers raised 6% in 2013
    The consumption of electricity in Saudi Arabia is twice the average global consumption


    Record consumption in Saudi electricity is very high levels in the past year, totaled twice the average per capita consumption in the world. According to the annual report of electricity & cogeneration regulatory authority, the Saudi electricity company has provided 256.688 Giga-Watt hours of electricity, an increase of 6.8 per cent for the year 2012 and the number of subscribers who receive service by 6.1 percent to 7142816 participants. The residential sector occupies first place in the number of participants reached a common 5685355, the ratio of consumption to 48 per cent, while the commercial sector a joint 1151546 second, the ratio of consumption 14.8 per cent. Government sector came in third with 228268 participants; the ratio of electric power consumption 12.2 percent, the industrial sector came in fourth with a common ratio of 8586 consumption 21.2 per cent.

    Saudi aims for energy efficiency with the support of more than 20 governmental capacities to encourage residents to embrace the concept of energy efficiency and energy conservation in all aspects of their lives and to make the pattern continues. The Saudi Centre for energy efficiency is going seriously and vigorously and at all levels to reduce massive wastage in non-renewable primary energy sources and conservation to reduce the high consumption of energy. The Centre is permanently under the plans, programs and mechanisms aimed at reducing energy consumption in the Kingdom in multiple pictures including amending the specification of household electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, insulation in buildings, and automobile fuel consumption and steel plants, cement and petrochemicals.

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