• Strong resistance levels waiting for the GCC markets this week


    Strong resistance levels waiting for the GCC markets this week
     Dubai continue to lead the region's markets gains of 22.2% since the beginning of the year


    At a time when the Gulf markets gains varied from the beginning of 2014 until this past weekend, awaiting profit many of those markets this week, especially those that have made significant gains in recent weeks, including a market in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, with the Saudi market is trying to overcome an important resistance point is 9000 points, analysts said weak market liquidity and the absence of fresh news may prevent overridden by profit-taking.
    Saudi Arabia aims to 9,000 points
     In the past week, the AVS were able at their highest during the five and a half years last week, with 1.25 per cent gains to end market general index at 8929.6 points , 70.4 points from the most powerful and important resistance level for the market. However, declining levels of liquidity with higher stock prices indicates the market entry process a healthy corrective to assemble their forces, awaiting fresh news flow that will push the market to exceed the level of 9,000 points, is expected to exceed all force with the market on the upside, with the market since the beginning of this year until the end of trading Thursday to 4.62 percent gain. And receive the Saudi market start trading shares marketing company (farm) in the retail sector amid expectations the stock drew buying, especially stock underwriting ratio amounted to 564%, putting 3.75 million shares to individuals the rate 36 USD per share, having devoted share per person and five shares for two subscribers and 27 shares for 10 persons.
    Profits waiting for ' UAE'
    In UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi market expects profit this week, where the Dubai market to strengthen their gains last week, with addendum 4.25 per cent gains to rise their gains during the year to around 22.2 percent, exported to regional markets further, as its index exceeding the level of 4,000 points 4098.67 points, followed by Abu Dhabi are fostered by their gains last week by 3.6 percent during the current year earnings rises to 14 per cent. Positive ads led to business results and good corporate distributions, especially in the banking sector, as well as some projects announced by companies such as Dubai investment» and «Arabtec» to cash flow next to the optimism, analysts believe that the corrective process limited that will affect the performance of the market this week would give it greater impetus for further gains, especially as the market waits for more news about the outcome of the work of the leading companies in the market that would reduce debugging operations.
    Analysis of liquidity in Abu Dhabi last week said that the market remains supported by the momentum of the rise, with trading values 11.9 billion dirhams, compared with 10.06 billion in the previous week, and increased the sizes to 6.4 billion shares compared with 5.09 billion shares. Real estate sector index closed up 1.2 percent, with Emaar's shares rise 2 per cent and shares ' arabtec ' 1.8 percent. Investment index jumped and financial services this week, 18.4 per cent. The banking sector index rose by 3.4 percent, 2.9 percent, transportation and communication 0.3 per cent. The trading value stood at Abu Dhabi last week 5.3 billion dirhams compared with 4.9 billion dirhams during the previous week, by volumes of 1.9 billion shares compared with 1.7 billion shares through 24.782 million deals. The banking sector index closed up 5.3 percent, index of investment and financial services 3.7 percent. The service sector index increased 3.5 percent, 0.85 percent. The real estate sector index up 1.9 percent.
    Improvement in 'Bahrain» liquidity
    Manama index ended last week at an altitude of about 1 per cent at 1317.94 points to enhance market gains this year to 6.8 percent, and the market is seeing clear improvement in liquidity, as trading volume on the stock 37.2 million shares worth 5.37 million dinars, versus 11.719 million shares with a total value of 2 360 million dinars. Targeted market level of 1,360 points at this week's upward trend expected to continue. The rise came last week with the support of some sectors led the «services», which significantly increased by 6.01 percent and «investment», up 0.56 percent, and the «commercial banks», up 0.31 percent, with record «insurance» backtrack only about 0.49 per cent. Average daily value traded 1.75 million, while average daily volume of shares traded 7.44 million shares, the average number of transactions amounted to 125 deals.
    «Kuwait» waiting for new news
    in Kuwait contrast market performance over the past week and limited gains in the week to 0.74 percent to close at 7842.62 points for the limited gains since the beginning of the year until the end of last week, only 4 per cent, and the market is still waiting for more positive news, the Government deals paid for investment in refineries worth 12 billion dollars to significant activity in the central market of the week, but the market failed to maintain optimism and with the weekend meeting. The movement of trades last week variation compared with the week before, with the Kuwaiti market trading volume last weekend about 1.3 billion shares compared with 1.6 million shares the previous week, dropped by 17.9 percent. Average trading value this week about 35.5 million per session compared to 34.8 million dinars per session from last week, with the average quantities 269.8 million shares this week approximately per session compared to 328.8 million shares for each meeting of last week.
    Muscat to new levels
    the Muscat market rose during trading last week, the General index up 0.94 percent, during the week, to close at 7173.24 points, up market gains to 5 percent since the beginning of the year, targeting the market this week to new levels. And win market value of MSM during trading last week, nearly 67 million by 0.16 per cent, to a record 14 549 million versus 14 508 million at the end of trading the previous week, supported the sector «services» market general index during last week's trading, a rise of 0.92 percent, 34.68 points to 3769.88 points, having ended the previous week trading at 3769.88 points.
    «Qataryiah» cross 11,500 points in Doha

    Qatar shares continued to rise last week with 2.9 percent for the General Index closed at 11515.5 points, and skip the index level of 11,500 points amid active trading of the market is expected to continue to rise this week, with the market occupied the third position among the region's markets after Dubai and Abu Dhabi from where gains this year which reached 11.2 percent by the end of last week. Boosted shares of «Bank» and «services» the rise of the market for flying to highest in 66 months since the global financial crisis that hit the major world economies over five years. Liquidity levels have seen remarkable improvement after exceeding the 2.76 billion riyals, compared to 2.3 billion riyals, an increase of 20.2 percent, with trading volumes have increased by 25.7 percent to 70.4 million shares compared with 56 million shares, was the implementation of a deal compared to 26.3 22.6 a deal. Profit and capital market of shares of companies listed about 16 billion pounds, or 2.7 percent, to about 600 billion riyals, compared to 586 billion at the end of the previous week.

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