• Saudi stocks add 596 billion riyals to their market value in August ... rose 7%


    ​Ahmed Al-Rasheed from Riyadh​

    Saudi stocks ended August 6.4 percent higher to close at 7,940 points, gaining 481 points, in the best monthly performance in three months, which brought the market to its highest level in six months, and the market value rose by 596 billion riyals by 7 percent to reach 8.97 One trillion riyals. The MT30 index also increased by about 50 points, 5 percent to close at 1066 points, liquidity rose 61 percent by about 57 billion riyals to reach 150 billion riyals, and traded shares increased 43 percent by about 2 billion shares to reach 6.7 billion shares. Deals rose 36 percent by about 1.6 deals to reach 6.2 million deals.

    Sectors performance

    Most sectors, led by "media", rose by about 23 percent, followed by "long-term goods" by about 15 percent, and the "telecommunications" sector recorded a decline of 1.2 percent, while the leading sectors performed better than the index, except for "basic materials", which rose by about 5 percent. As for "banks", they rose 8 percent, and "energy" by 8 percent.​

    The highest turnover was "basic materials" by about 16 percent with a value of 19 billion riyals, followed by "banks" by about 13 percent with a value of 15 billion riyals, and the third solution for "insurance" was about 11 percent with a value of 12 billion riyals.​​

    Stock performance​

    The rising stocks led the "Arab Sea" by about 43 percent to close at 54 riyals, followed by "Shams" by about 40 percent to close at 29.70 riyals, and "Malath Insurance" by about 37 percent to close at 14.30 riyals. On the other hand, the decline was led by “Al-Omran” by about 15 percent to close at 70.10 riyals, followed by the “Saudi Group” by 9 percent to close at 18.28 riyals, and by “research and marketing” by 7 percent to close at 58.70 riyals. The highest turnover was "Dar Al-Arkan" with a value of five billion riyals, followed by "Al-Rajhi" with a value of 4.6 billion riyals, and "Aramco" with a value of three billion riyals​.

    On the other hand, the parallel market "Nomu" rose by 15 percent, gaining 1182 points, to close at 9,278 points. The highest point was at 9421 points, winning 16 percent, while the lowest point was at 7765 points, losing 4 percent. The value of trading increased by 47 percent by about 105 million riyals to reach 332 million riyals, and traded shares rose 46 percent by about 1.7 million shares, and deals increased by 11 percent by about 1.5 thousand deals to reach 15 thousand deals.​​​

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