• Saudi shares rise up to 11.10% in the first quarter


    Saudi shares rise up to 11.10% in the first quarter

    Investors watching the movement of Saudi stock, where the index managed to raise the green flag during March.
    Over the first quarter of 2010, where the Saudi market dealings has quickly folds at a height of main index (TASI) at the level of 6801.01 points, up 11.10 per cent gaining 679.25 points from the closures in 2009 when the levels of 6121.76 points, touching its highest level in 17 months, driven by the positive performance of the banking and petrochemicals and amid optimism continued high oil prices neared 83 dollars for the fifth consecutive quarterly gains.

    The point 6824.74 were the highest levels of the general index «TASI» during the first quarter recorded in the session during 30 March ,2010, which is his highest since October ,2008. The lowest level came at the level of 6141.63 points, which is the starting point for the first trading year on 2 January, 2010, the general index of market raise the green flag in the session 42 from a total of 65 sessions, during the period compared with a decline in the number of 23 sessions, and was the largest percentage bounded by 1.07 per cent, and the largest rate of decline in one session by 1.35 per cent.

    20 shares rise higher than 20 per cent during the first quarter of a total number of 138 paper which was traded during the first quarter of 2010, 79 shares increased alongside the decline of 56 paper and a stability of three shares on the closures in 2009 which are:Al-Bilad Bank,Al-Jazirah Bank and Anaam Holding and Saudi fish Co. .. 20 papers increased higher than 20 per cent, and the number 24 paper rates rise ranging between 18.21 per cent and 10.04 per cent, and the number 43 paper at rates less than 10 per cent.

    Bruges Insurance share were the highest - included during February, 2010 - 240 per cent to 34 riyals for ten riyals value of the subscription price... General Gulf shares- included during February, 2010 – were the second in the Green List by 128.5 per cent up to 22.85 riyals for ten riyals Subscription Price per share, along with rising Herfy for food increased by 20.1 per cent to the price of 61.25 Saudi Riyals for the subscription price 51 SR and high range rapid rate of 18.15 per cent to the price of 27 riyals compared to 31.9 riyals for subscription price..
    SABIC shares increased up to 20.61 per cent during the first quarter with the SR 100 for the first time in 17 months closing its quarterly dealings to 99.5 riyals, also Al Rajhi Bank shares – one of the largest listed banks in the Saudi market – were the highest percentage rise in the banking sector by 20 per cent to 85.5 riyals.The fund has completed March trading at 20.75 riyals, , the Unit is composed of 30 Fund's 30 largest by market value, consistent with the Islamic rules.

    It is worth mentioning that the fund was established in 23 March , 2010 aims to simulate the performance index of the Saudi market and allows non-resident foreigners trading in index funds in Saudi Arabia, also aims to achieve growth and capital gains in the long term, and is characterized by index funds Traded the existence of a market maker is working to simulate the performance of indicators that followed through orders to buy and sell units, Falcom Financial Services is considered the Fund's Market Maker.

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