• Saudi shares record levels in the first weeks of New Year


    Liquidity was directed towards medium-sized companies and investment 
    Saudi shares record levels in the first weeks of New Year


    Saudi shares ended the first week of the New Year, risen by 1.6 percent, a better performance than the same week last year, closing higher than any level achieved by the market in the last year, pushing the market's gains in the new year. All sectors, except for the investment industry, which was only slightly diminished. It was directed towards SME liquidity and investment, where the list of gainers, except the ' Arab' shares, which continued the streak with the highest percentages since the Insert, so the profits exceeded 600 percent. The high share despite the recurrence of deals in the last seconds, worth in excess of 15 000, resulting in closing price, this raises doubts about the violation of the rules of market conduct, issued by the capital market authority.


    Despite the positive performance, a decline reflected weak upward trend, which appeared in most sessions last week, with updated sales led to the market downturn, but at the last minute could return to profitability slightly, showing some dealers for a profit. If buyers are in the market for selling pressures, the market will have a wave of profit-taking, which would be in the interest of the market, which will provide liquidity, and will make the price more attractive, what drives the market to enter the rise wave, the indicator reached the 8,700 points. The index will face resistance at 8630 points, while the support will be at 8520 points, followed by 8470 points.

    The overall performance of the market last week when the index opened 1848 points, all meetings were high, closed at a level close to the highest level in a week, when 8587 points, gains amounted to 175 points, up 1.62 percent. Volatility is 2 per cent and trading values fell 1.3 per cent, a hyphen to 26.9 billion riyals, the average value per transaction 45.7 thousand riyals. Traded fell 5 per cent, a hyphen to 967 million shares, trader, and the rate of rotation of the free float of 5 percent, the deals rose 5 per cent, a hyphen to 589, deals.


    ​All sectors rose, excluding the ' multiple ' investment, 0.02 per cent. High exports sector ', by 3.9 percent, followed by the transport sector, by 3.8 per cent, the third real estate development sector, by 3.1 percent. And the petrochemical sector was worth 5.5 billion, increased by 20 per cent, followed by the insurance sector, worth four billion riyals, by 15 per cent, the third construction, worth 3.2 billion riyals, by 12 per cent. Either the most circular free stock is the insurance industry, with 20 percent, followed by construction, 14 percent, and the third sector, 10 per cent. The most in value per trade, telecommunications, 86, followed by petrochemicals, 85, and third banking sector, worth 78 000.

    Stock performance
    159 shares traded on the market, rose 95, down 58, closed six arrows without a price change. Higher exports shares '' Arab '', by 60 per cent, closed at 79.75 SAR, followed by arrow 'BOIN', by 33 percent, closed at $ 63.50, the third arrow 'Makkah', by 13 percent, closed at 70.75 Srl. And most drop arrow 'fish', by 7 percent, closed at 29.44 SAR, followed by arrow 'Aljof Alzeraayah', by 6.4 per cent, closed at $ 48.40, and III shares ''Enaih '', by 5 percent, closed at $ 38.80.

    While most domination liquidity, it shares 'BOIN', by 8 per cent, with trading of 2.1 billion, followed by arrow 'SABIC', by 7 percent, worth $ 1.9 billion, the third arrow '' development '', by 4.3 percent, trading 1.1 billion. Either the most circular free stock, issued shares 'BOIN', by 213 percent, followed by arrow 'fish', by 107 per cent, the third arrow '' Secretariat '' insurance, by 79 per cent. The largest rate of value per trade, in the shares 'Etisalat', 140, 000, followed by arrow 'communication', 140, and the third arrow 'SAFCO', worth 131. 

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