• Saudi market index penetrates the level of 8700 points for the first time since 2008


    Saudi market index penetrates the level of 8700 points for the first time since 2008


    Saudi shares continued to rise for the third straight session, to achieve new levels of this year as the highest in five years, with the support of the Bank of Riyadh as one leading player in the market, the interaction with the Bank the results exceeded average expectations. Continuing proclaim banks positive financial results exceed expectations will contribute to strengthening the positive performance of the index. The levels of 8686 and 8638 point support the General index during the week and continues the upward trend shows signs of weakness, decreased liquidity despite the rise in addition to low 59 issues closed unchanged and 23 stocks versus high 77 issues closing unchanged. These factors make the market more sensitive to negative news that has occurred.
    The overall performance of the market index opened at 9705 points, turn downward, reaching the lowest point in the session when 8649 points, down 0.32 percent, and then returned to rise at the end of the session, closed at 8714 points, winning 35 points, up 0.41 percent, is the highest point in the meeting, is a new level this year and the previous five years. Trading value dropped 3.5 percent, to $ 6.5 billion, and the average value per transaction, 62, shares traded 1 per cent, a hyphen to 246 million shares. The rotation rate of the free shares 1.3 per cent and declined transactions by 4 per cent, to $ 105,000 deal.
    Performance of sectors retreated five sectors for 10 high, media and publishing sector, at 1.9 percent, followed by the energy sector by 1.12, followed by banks, up 1.11 percent. Declining sectors were issued by industrial investment, by 0.85 per cent, followed by the investment industry, by 0.41 per cent, third sector, real estate development, up 0.21 percent. It was the most heavily traded issue by the petrochemical sector, worth $ 1.7 billion, followed by the banking sector, worth 1.1 billion, third sector insurance worth 678 million.
    The performance of the stock has been trading in the market, 159 raised from 77 a share, versus a decline of 59, closing 23 shares without a price change. High share of 'issues', 9.8 percent, closed at SR 50, followed by share 'Seiko', by 9.4 percent, closed at $ 50.25, the third arrow 'safety', by 6.8 per cent, closed at 45.50 reals. It was the most cooperative shares decline, 5.2 percent, closed at 32.50 reals, followed by shares of Cisco, 4.6 percent, closed at 16.65, third arrow 'Almosat', by 2.5 percent, and closed at 87.50. Towards 40 per cent of market liquidity to six shares issued shares Alenmaa, worth 762 million, 12 per cent, followed by SABIC shares worth 723 million, 11 per cent, the third arrow 'Petro rabigh, worth 401 million, 6 per cent.

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