• Saudi Arabia calls for labor-sending countries to limit manipulation of intermediaries


    During the meeting of the "Group of Asia" and "Pacific" at the International Labor Conference
    Saudi Arabia calls for labor-sending countries to limit manipulation of intermediaries

    Saudi Arabia called for employment referring countries for adjusting the mobility of employment; reduce rig intermediaries, in addition to the definition of employment regulations and applicable laws, and to develop their skills. Dr. Ahmed Al fehaid, under-Secretary for International Affairs: Saudi Arabia is to weigh the economic, social and human heritage and embracing the most sacred religious places; respect the values and principles of the ILO's message, with conviction and belief in the value of work and the value of human bid whatever color and race and sex and nationality. This came in a speech at the meeting of the Ministers ' Asia ' and ' Pacific ', held at the 103 session of the International Labor Organization in Geneva '. Fuhaid said: the Kingdom enjoy significant economic progress resulted in the release of a large number of mega projects and, as a result of labor market grew numerically at a greater national inputs, with the cooperation of the States sent employment option however, with attention to make the labor market more attractive markets.
    He continued, the Kingdom receives foreign workers from more than 100 countries, last year launched the process of correction of the labor markets in the region through corrective and limit was implemented, more than ten million. The Kingdom has set up a special Ministry for the inspection agency and develops the working environment, and signed a number of bilateral recruitment agreements, enacting legislative regulations aimed at safeguarding the rights of third parties, such as list of domestic labor. He also referred to the launch site ' pads ' to facilitate the procedures for obtaining visas, and ' call center ' to receive the employment of labor in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Human Rights Commission and the police. Al fuhaid stressed that the Kingdom appreciates the contribution of migrant workers, including domestic workers, together with the efforts of the sons of the Kingdom in order to achieve the desired sustainable development through decent work and dignity to all residents and in close cooperation between the social partners in the Kingdom.

    Saudi Arabia, one of the 55 members of the Group of ' Asia ' and ' Pacific ', which is keen to participate actively in the meetings of the Council, and to highlight the achievements and developments in the labor market. The Group seeks to create stronger and more sustainable economies through numerous reforms in the economy, particularly with regard to employment and human resources, in addition to infrastructure projects in support of productivity-enhancing the growth potential of the region, and promote private sector participation.

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