• Purchases of foreign negate the sale of shares in the market operations of the UAE and Qatar



    Trading volumes higher than expected
    Purchases of foreign negate the sale of shares in the market operations of the UAE and Qatar


    Most stock markets fell in the area Monday because of worries about oil prices, while the number of shares listed heavyweights UAE and Qatar foreign demand strong negating large-scale sales of domestic investors. And «m.s. CIA» market review semi-annual this month a number of UAE stock weights and country emerging market index in effect after you close the transaction today. In the meantime do «m.s. CIA» the output of two start-up markets index lifting classified in May. So the transaction was marked by volatility in the markets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Qatar and volumes higher than expected with the beginner market funds sell stocks and emerging market funds bought in large sizes. In the end sided with local individual investors to vendors to drop three indicators, where Dubai has fallen 1.5 per cent and Abu Dhabi 2.1 per cent and Qatar 1.9 per cent.
    Shaquille said Sarwar, Director of asset management at securities and investment company (Sico) in Bahrain ' betting markets go down because of the uncertainty in the price of oil and Brent crude prices near $ 80 a barrel Tuesday ahead of an important meeting of OPEC members to decide on production levels for the next year. Sarwar said that individual investors in the Middle East, apparently lost hope of significant reductions of production to sell stocks at any price because they expect further declines in oil. Investors fear that the forced decline of oil to reduce government spending, which remains the major economic driver and impact negatively on the growth of corporate profits in the region.

    In the Sultanate of Oman suggested that an advisory body to the Government spending cuts and tax increases in sectors such as mining and telecommunications. Irbid Oman fell 2.8 per cent Omantel 1.5 per cent after it tumbled Monday due to the proposed index MSM 1.6 per cent. The Omani Shura Council says the increase in franchise fees to carriers to 12 per cent of revenue instead of 7 per cent will generate 31 million (80.52 million dollars) budget in 2015 and is equivalent to five net profit the companies together in 2013. The Omani Government has collected about SR 204 million (530 million dollars) in August from 19 per cent in Omantel. In Kuwait the cursor slid 0.3 percent to 7027 points, while in Bahrain, the indicator fell 0.3 per cent to 1444 points.

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