• Private transactions raise Saudi equity liquidity to 19.4 billion riyals last week


                Market analysts said that factors with the liquidity of the market, including private transactions, falling stock market prices and the possibility of listing new companies in the market, stressed that all these factors will increase the attractiveness of the market to domestic and foreign investors.
    Market price declines of 60 per cent and the possibility of listing a new company in the stock market were behind the rise in liquidity in the stock market to 19.4 billion riyals last week, The stock market is on the rise, pointing out that the most positive factors that supported the rise of the market was the inclusion of a new company in the stock market, bringing the number of companies listed in the market to 172 companies in addition to improving oil prices.
    He pointed that the positive impact on the majority of sectors and companies listed in the stock market after testing the stock market index, "Tasi" significant support in the short term at 7350 points, including to 7260 points followed by 7260 points, noting that traders are cautious at the time when it breaks The stock market index is 7260 points. "The stock market index continues the bullish trend on a daily and weekly basis.
    Salman Al Shammari, Stock Market Analyst, said: "Several factors have supported TASI's upward trend, starting with the positive results of companies in the last quarter and the good dividends announced, which have greatly affected the psyche of traders, especially that many companies have disclosed good profits and announced dividends. The positive factors have spread to the announcement of the inclusion of a new company, and positive news is certainly reflected directly on the market and make it move higher.
    He pointed that investors and speculators have achieved significant gains in the market during the past period and benefited from the current situation of the market, adding that the speculator is focused on trading on losing companies in the market to benefit from the movement of shares prices fast and up and down.
    For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al Ali, member of the International Federation of International Analysts, said that the market is moving about 8,500 points and will complete its upward path, especially after the entry of foreign investors, which will attract the positive market, as the market is ready for more investors after the end of the long waiting.
    The speculation will focus on losing companies whose prices move up and down on the same day. Therefore, the speculator will achieve profitable profits, stressing that stock prices will dominate and affected by the size of purchasing power that will be affected. Purchasing of shares of companies that announced positive results and good distributions.
    He stressed that the market is usually influenced by internal factors and external factors and is reflected in the performance of the index and its movement and the volume of market transactions and the attractiveness of the market for local and foreign investors, adding that the capital markets are very sensitive to the direction of the news and easily affected.

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