• GCC electricity linkage lowers reserve generation capacity by half


    Assessment study of the project after 5 years from launching
    GCC electricity linkage lowers reserve generation capacity by half


    A recent study concluded that the GCCIA has a number of benefits, notably the strategic support of the electricity network of the Gulf States in interruptions or emergencies with the participation of Gulf States in reserve, which would reduce reserve capacity of generating half of its total reserves. The study evaluated the project about five years after the launching of the network that will help dispense with building power plants to increase their capacity to 5,000 MW and founded the energy exchange between States in the interests of economic supports reliability and Gulf industries development in manufacturing electrical equipment and spare parts, reducing the investment required for electrical power. The GCCIA strategic political decision to activate the unified economic agreement of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Arabic, out of the desire of the leaders of the GCC States to the common interests of the GCC States. Given this project implemented almost three years of interest and appreciation of the Gulf Cooperation Council, has sponsored the GCC leaders, inaugurated in Arabic At the end of 2009 in Kuwait, where the GCCIA is unique from other similar projects to acquire independent power grid consisting of transfer stations, and for converting frequency (50/60 Hz), and overhead lines, and submarine cable linking the electricity networks of the Gulf States, thereby enhancing the prestige and credibility of this linkage, especially in cases of emergency or interruptions, while interconnection in General is to link networks of electricity between two or more adjacent, usually through internal networks also includes the frequency converter (station50/60 Hz), which convert pulse electric electrical connector on 50 Hz. And more link power continuously to maintain the continuity of the competitive advantage of the GCC power link using smart technology, to avoid various problems in the network by providing the phase measurement system, means a unit of measurement of the phase which has the ability to measure the phase of the mains directly and quickly, which will improve and increase the accuracy and reliability of the Electric transportation system performance and maximum energy transfer network and system stability along Smart energy meters with smart power meters measure the collection and analysis of data through advanced metering, communications, data management, which helps improve the performance of the transport system, and achieve significant savings in the cost of the operating system and the efficiency of quality control. It also contains dynamic energy reserve sharing system and the intelligent application that provides reserve power-sharing in case of emergency, which allows sharing of reserves by frequency converter station in real time from the network, using the information from devices in the station and begin corrective measures to ensure optimal operation of the system in the event of loss of ability in any GCC country, digital protection devices to which you quickly isolate and restore electrical service, which reduces service interruptions, as well as Providing safe and effective solutions for the protection of plants body binding, allowing the introduction of maintenance programs-based protection and measuring applications.

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