• Fourth European complaint against Russia in the WTO in two years



    Moscow impose a 12 violates tariffs
    Fourth European complaint against Russia in the WTO in two years


    The European Union went a step forward in the pay dispute with Russia towards judicial arbitration, and that becouse the deposit request to the World Trade Organization calls for the establishment of an arbitration team about what he says from Moscow violations of its obligations on tariffs.
    This is the fourth case, brought by Brussels against Moscow in the past two years, or since Russia's accession to the organization, this issue specifically address the customs treatment, or tariffs imposed by Russia on certain goods in the sectors of agriculture and manufacturing both started.
    The European Union says that Russia fees apply to products such as paper rates, palm oil, refrigerators exceed the standard rates of fees, which are ceilings maximum tariffs that Moscow agreed to respect upon accession to the World Trade Organization in August package (August) in 2012.
    The European Union believes that those fees that exceed the ceiling set Europe hurt exports of the products covered, which is worth about 600 million euros a year.
    The European Union introduced the original request for Mhorat- first phase of disputes in the WTO settlement procedures - in October (last October), but mandatory consultations between the parties to resolve the dispute before standing in front of spend Organization has failed to reach agreement.
    Russia is the third largest trading partner of the European Union, where European exports to its eastern neighbor up to 120 billion euros a year.
    At the request of the founding of the judiciary, the EU pointed out 12 action imposed by Russia through lines of different tariffs, and Russia are subject to a number of goods for import tariffs and duties with disclaimers attached and commitments in the WTO schedules of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1994.
    In these tables, each Member State of the WTO members concessions in customs duties, a commitment not to raise tariffs on some products higher than the agreed level.
    The European Union says that Russia imposed tariffs exceeding those specified in the tables.For example, in the case of paper products, cardboard, Russia applied rates of fees of 10 or 15 per cent, according to the item tariff, although the specific tariff rate for per cent.
    The European Union says it Moreover, the palm oil, refrigerators, and freezers are subject to the fees are much higher than those stipulated in the schedule, and that the charges involving the structures of the fee accounts are not included in your table of Prussia.The EU also says that Russia has no legislation in force mechanisms to prevent the imposition of fees at levels beyond those listed in the tables.
    Brussels believes that all of these actions constitute a violation of Articles II 1 (a) and 2 (b) of the GATT 1994, and these articles States Member granted less favorable treatment for imports.
    And will discuss the request for the establishment of the tribunal at a meeting of disputes next week settlement body, according to WTO rules, can the Party complained objected to the establishment of an arbitral tribunal once; but if it maintains the complaining party to establish a body will be organized binding on it.

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