• European Commission faces the threat of bankruptcy


    Through disagreements over budget

    European Commission faces the threat of bankruptcy


    Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, Said that the Commission is about to run out of their money, calling on the Governments of the Member States of the European Union and the European Parliament to end their differences over the Bloc's budget. 'German', 'Barroso said during a panel discussion attended by all members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in France that '' without agreeing to the revised budget, the European Commission will not be able to pay the Bills we pay her supposedly'. And most of the European Union funds bounce back to the 28 members of the bloc, for example in the form of agricultural support or assistance to the poorest areas.
    Barroso added, '' Please, let's avoid bankruptcy which would not be in the interests of a European institutions ', adding that the UNHCR would not be able to pay its bills as of November if they are an additional $ 2.7 billion Euros (3.7 billion dollars), due to lower than expected revenues that come from European Union imports. Oliver Bailey rejected UNHCR spokesman alleged that it could lead to '' close '' to its activities, as happened in the United States, arguing that the EU 'will continue to work properly. But lack of funds will leave the Office an option only for non-payment of bills, some projects because the EU treaties prohibit the existence of a disability.
    The Budget Committee of Parliament has given the green light to provide complementary funds but some MPs demanded yesterday that the final consent conditional on spending another $ 3.9 billion euro Parliament insists, but Daniel Conn bendit, leader of the Green Party felt that if we accept the proposed action will never see the $ 3.9 billion Euros, and there is also a need to fill gaps in the budget this year has become a requirement for Parliament to approve the European spending plans risk for the period from 2014 to 2020. Further fuelled tension step between the Parliament and EU governments with Barroso 'lack of confidence' between the parties, such as members of Parliament openly blamed the Member States of the Union.
    The Parliament will vote today on whether to approve the additional amount of 2.7 billion Euros, then the EU Ministers for European Affairs convened a special meeting on the 30th of October to pave the way for spending 3.9 billion Euros, said the Lithuanian Vytautas liskivisios, Deputy Minister for European Affairs, whose country currently holds the rotating Presidency of the European Union, but diplomats warned that Britain had reservations with the indictment of the country's European Union willingness to delay it until next year.​

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