• Egypt index rises 0.40% in November


    Egypt index rises 0.40% in November


     The performance of the Egyptian stock exchange Contrast indices in the month, where the main stock index raised ' egX 30 ' by 0.04 percent, closed at 1,303 points. Index any GX 70 ' a rise of about 0.39 percent, closed at 519 points, with index ' i.e. GX 100 ' by 0.06 percent, closed at 867 points. Weekly report said the stock market: the market capitalization of stocks listed in the cabin went 640 million pounds in the month, 403 billion pounds at the end of November, up from the previous month. The total trading value in the month stood at 13 billion pounds, adding that trading volume amounted to four billion paper accesses to 525,000. And acquired shares to 84.3 per cent of the total trading value in the cabin, and represented the value of the bonds to 15.7 per cent.
    The Egyptian trading acquired 85.18 percent of total market transactions, and non-Arab foreigners attracted to 10.99 per cent, Arabs to 6.39 after exclusion of transactions. Non-Arab foreigners recorded net selling worth 299.54 million pounds, a record net buying worth Arabs settle at 50.84 million pounds, excluding transactions, and institutions acquired 37.62 percent of transactions on the stock market, and the rest of the transactions of individuals by 61.38 percent, recorded net sales of enterprises worth 15 million pounds, excluding transactions.

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