• Direction to establish a company to market tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia


    In collaboration with the tourism companies, hotels and transport
    Direction to establish a company to market tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia


    The Saudi investors specialized in tourism Studying developing a company and marketing packages to destinations in Saudi Arabia, involving companies, hotels, aviation, land transport, travel agencies and tourism. He said for the ' economic ' Mohammad Al Mojil, Chairman of the National Committee for Chamber tourism board: the idea of the project on the businessmen and investors who have investments linked to the tourism sector in the Kingdom. He said: ' the company will serve as a marketing arm for tourist destinations. He continued, the company will work in limited companies, hotels, travel and tourism, aviation and road transport and marketing and entertainment companies, to market their products and services at competitive prices to Saudi and Gulf tourists and foreigners.
    He said the prices of these products and services, if provided, would be low, in the interest of these companies, in terms of attracting the largest number of tourists who will have the role of promotional prices during the summer holiday season. He stressed that the sectors ' shelter ' and ' transport ' will be of most benefit from marketing packages. He said Chairman of the National Committee of tourism: the private sector lacks what is known as a ' marketing ' packages needed by the tourism sector, so that companies operating in hotels, aviation and ground transportation, travel and tourism, are invited to participate in the preparation of the draft marketing packages, so as to be accessible to tourists. In that connection, the packages of marketing tools for attracting tourists, ' but in these programs are still very weak, and this responsibility is primarily the private sector.
    He said: ' marketing packages software demonstrated forcefully in the seasons of Hajj and Umrah, campaigns by showing prices and services in hotels, apartments and air and land transportation modes at competitive prices '. He continued: ' the trend does not exist during the tourism season and summer vacation, so you must do this and adopted by the private sector, as is the case in some neighboring countries. He noted the experience of some neighboring States in that regard, the shopping tourist products in the Kingdom in the form of marketing packages to define Saudi and foreign tourist advantages and services during the summer holiday season. He said: ' these services provided by reports and statistics on the number of hotels, apartments, shopping centers, recreational facilities, but also provide statistics on the number of visitors and tourists who visited during these seasons, indicating that what missing in Saudi Arabia '.

    The Saudi and Gulf tourists ' usually are looking for attractive tourist destinations and then think afterwards at competitive prices to cantonment sites of hotels of various categories, indicating that the hotels ' is only the service needs the tourist attractive advantages in the tourism destination '. He said: ' in the Kingdom tourist are rarely looking hotel to stay in as in Dubai and the rest of the world, noting that such hotels are usually outside the competition, but they certainly are an attraction for tourist destination where the hotel '.

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