• Cash distributions support the upward trend of the shares in the UAE


    Collective GCC markets Gains last week .. except for Muscat
    Cash distributions support the upward trend of the shares in the UAE


    The Dubai market, returned last week to lead the Gulf markets with gains this year by 8.1 percent amid expectations the cash distributions support continuing the ascent, and Abu Dhabi market ended profit, rose slightly, while the Kuwaiti market, has added 1.38 percent gain and Bahraini 0.83 percent and Qatar 0.21 percent, with gains recorded a loss of hometown 1.85 percent with profit. Real estate stocks led the market to achieve the highest weekly rise to 8.1 per cent higher last week, with the support of arabtec construction and arrows, with the general price level of 4303.55 points, with support expected cash dividends forecast continued market rise, although profit is not far away, especially after achieving record levels. Emaar shares led the index rise by 11.77 percent this week after the company announced its intention to bring unity to the shopping malls and retailers in Dubai and London. The company is also preparing to roll out the first year of its Emaar Egypt and will include other units such as hotels.
    Arabtec shares increased by 16.18 per cent after the company announced its earnings growth by 170% in fiscal 2013 and disclose generous cash distributions. In Abu Dhabi, the index closed up 0.65 percent on the week at 4754.75 points, with the support of the real estate sector, the indicator rose by 5.8 per cent. In Bahrain last week, the market index rose by 0.83 percent to 1386.27 points, a target level of 1,400 points this week, with the market expected to continue to rise. In Kuwait ended last week on the price index rising 1.38 percent to 7557.29 points, supported by the strong performance of the leading shares in the banking sector the main engine of the market and the market is expected to continue to rise, the market trend is still upward, and that he needs new reports help increase liquidity, which finally retreated following the decisions taken by the management of the capital market authority, against speculators.

    In Doha, the General market indicator rose last week by 0.21 percent to close at 11637.31 points amid a marked decline in values and volumes of trades, with lost market capitalization stock 3.2 billion riyals, with market operations for a profit is expected to surpass this week, though the market more sensitive to trends in global markets. And controlled profit strikingly on the MSM last week which led the index down by 1.85 percent amid expectations the decline this week, lost market value of MSM during trading this week about 181 million riyals, pressured the financial sector contributed to the market's general index this week, fell 1.29 percent, and the industrial sector by 1.22 percent.

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