• A coordination meeting of the thought group of developing countries converged in Riyadh


    A coordination meeting of the thought group of developing countries converged in Riyadh
     Naimi: the challenge of the world to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases


    The engineer Ali Al-Nuaimi, Minister of petroleum and mineral said resources reduce greenhouse gas emissions to global warming one of the important challenges facing the world in the twenty-first century, sharing feelings of fear and anxiety in the international community to the potential negative effects associated with climate change. This came during a speech at a coordination meeting of thought converging from the developing countries, on issues of environment and climate change, from 26 countries, organized by the Ministry of petroleum and mineral resources and lasts three days.
    Nuaimi reiterated the question which had been raised earlier in the Polish capital Warsaw, is how do we achieve this? And he answered: ' I believe in, but we all believe, that part of Justice and fairness in achieving this goal is fundamental, any action in this regard should take into account the principles contained in the framework Convention on climate change, in particular the principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities, as well as the national circumstances of each of the States concerned, in addition, the States parties listed in annex I (industrialized countries) to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to provide funding, capacity-building, and to support technology transfer process required to achieve this objective in developing countries '.
    Engineer Ali al-Nuaimi stressed the importance of maintaining the world's economic recovery, and said that we must be cautious in implementing any measures or mechanisms that influence the process of world economic recovery, as we must not hinder the economic development of our country through the application of appropriate arrangements and procedures but lacked the justice and equity, which we must not neglect the environmental responsibilities incumbent on us or ignore them, in other words, we must assume our responsibilities in all pillars The three components of sustainable development in a coherent and comprehensive (Social substrate, Economy substrate, and Environmental substrate).
    He said: ' I've had this set, namely a set of common positions, considerable progress and important towards our common goal, and until this moment, our solidarity and cohesion with each other the cornerstone and the most important factor in our success, and while the move it slowly, towards 2015, we must maintain our good process, improve our political, and continue to push for high-level participation '.

    And Minister of petroleum and mineral resources said to outcomes of the Warsaw meeting, and future expectations regarding the phenomenon of climate change, stressing the importance of 2014 in relation to work towards the common goal at the climate conference in Paris of 2015 to reach the Convention beyond the year 2020. He said: ' we have made important progress in the Warsaw Conference on climate change, held in the month of November, so we agreed on a road map to 2015, at the level of the Working Group on the Durban platform of work augmented (enhanced action group), we have succeeded in changing the term ' obligations ' to ' contributions ', which closed the door on future burden transfer to developing States, and we have succeeded in establishing the importance of means of implementation.

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