• 173 billion riyals accumulated earnings for 112 companies listed



    Equivalent to 47% of their capital by the end of the first quarter
    173 billion riyals accumulated earnings for 112 companies listed

    The retained earnings amounted to 112 companies listed on the Saudi stock exchange, 172.9 billion rials by the end of the first quarter of this year, equal to 47 per cent of the capital of such companies by the end of the same period, amounting to 368.3 billion. According to an analysis prepared by the unit of economic reports in the newspaper ' economic ', has acquired the telecommunications sector the greatest share of retained earnings equal to 25 per cent of the retained earnings of the 112 companies, worth 43.7 billion. Followed by the petrochemical sector by 24 per cent and the value of 42.4 billion riyals, and the banking sector by 22 percent, the value of 37.7 billion riyals, and the energy sector by 7 percent, the value of 11.6 billion.
    In the fifth place came industrial investment sector, 5 percent of retained earnings to 112 companies, worth eight billion riyals, sixth place real estate development sector with a share of 4 per cent, worth 7.3 billion riyals. And seventh the agriculture sector by 4 percent, and the value of 6.4 billion. And eighth cement sector by 3 percent, and the value of 4.9 billion. In ninth and tenth place the construction and building sector, and retail by 2 per cent each, worth 3.4 billion for first, and 3.1 billion for second.

    The 11th place, booked the transport sector by 1 per cent, and 1.9 billion. With four segments contributed by only 1 per cent of the retained earnings of the market value of 2.9 billion riyals, multi investment worth 1.4 billion, and hotel and tourism worth 580 million, finally the insurance sector worth 369 million by the end of the first quarter of the year 2014. Among the 15 sectors in the stock market, there are six sectors all subsidiaries have accumulated profits and no company lost, the banking sector in 11 banks and the cement sector, number 13 energy companies, and multiple investment sector six companies, and real estate development sector in the five companies, media and publishing sector with three companies. The Saudi stock market includes 163 companies in 112 companies including accumulated profits, with 51 companies have accumulated losses. The accumulated profits of the companies, led by the accumulated profit of capital, the porcelain company, by 280 percent, reaching profits accumulated over one billion riyals, compared to capital limits of 375 million.

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