• 100 contribution stuttering completed and 254 under process


    100 contribution stuttering completed and 254 under process


    Report of the Committee on contributions stalled real estate Commerce Department revealed  about the high number of real contributions filtered through 100 contribution most notably land engineers, Al-tuwaijri, markets and Al Fudaliyah, golden sand beach, and specialist in Mecca, and Sultana, the East Sulaymaniyah land and Dora Alsalam, East land of Riyadh. The report noted that the contributions transferred to the liquidator include: Dora Gulf News, the land north of Jeddah, and Alaredh 13 and north land of Jeddah, and Rawdat Abher, Taqneyah land and Rwad Alnahdhah . The report reviewed the contributions under the procedure, noting that it is still up and about 254 contributions; this comes while outside the Commission's jurisdiction about 64 inputs for various reasons, including reference to signs, or the Council of Ministers or the public courts. The report drew attention to the existence of real contributions have evidenced their addresses so far as to the difficulty of restoring rights to their owners. Noting that the contributions of land north of the boosters, and North of the airport networks, Beit Al-Muzaini, South and North, and land by the Hijaz. On the other hand, the report called for more of contributors to 1409 Need to update their data in the Bank to speed up proceedings distract financial entitlements. The Trade Ministry had placed a large number of contributions to real estate data delivery evader on the travel ban list.

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