• advertising on taxis and public vehicles at present


    ‚ÄčThe Chamber presents its compliments, this is to inform you that we receive a letter from the Eastern region traffic Department (7/26933/3) dated (18/10/1434) containing the report that already issued No. (6034) dated (4/7/2009) not to approve advertising on taxis and public vehicles. In addition to the emphasis on the article (50/1/28) of the regulations of the traffic system which provides: (it is allowed to type the name of your company or organization or brand on their own transport vehicles and buses , but it shouldn't obscure vision and does not affect public safety, beside the brand should not exceed the space of (30X30 cm) Max, however, writing can extend on both sides of the vehicle without blocking vision)
    So the posters on vehicles for advertising contrary to what is indicated and valid as stipulated in article (25) of the traffic system, and based on the kind of traffic violations by editor patrols is legally correct, beside traffic management over the eastern region is not issuing any permits to put up posters for advertising on vehicles.

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