• Tightening control over incoming consignments to the border outlets


    Gentlemen / Importers of medicines


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it received the letter of the Council of the Saudi Chamber No. (PG / 2102) and the date (11/23/1441), and referred to in the speech of the General Authority for Food and Drug No. (31143 / p) and the date (11/21/1441) Containing reference to the Authority’s framework in tightening control over incoming consignments to the border outlets, which are responsible for clearing them to the Commission, and ensuring national capital, and because it was noted by the many rejections of consignments in international airports as a result of changes in the temperature of products and breaking the cold chain, the Commission has coordinated with the company Saudi Logistics Services to secure refrigerated vehicles used in transporting containers from aircraft trustees to the designated inspection area, in an appropriate atmosphere and isolated from the external atmosphere. These vehicles are currently available at King Khalid International Airport, King Abdulaziz and King Fahd International as a first stage, where the authority will participate with the company in Evaluating the project and studying the possibility of generalizing the vehicles to all international airports in the Kingdom so that the largest number of importers can benefit from them and the mandatory application will start from the date (1/8/2020 AD) for drug importers using these Arabs It is necessary to transfer medication consignments to avoid being rejected due to the rise in temperatures from the moment they descend from the plane until it reaches the warehouses designated for storage at the airport to be inspected and the procedures for clearing them can be done, and this can be coordinated with airlines that transport the consignments or with the Saudi Logistics Services Company through the e-mail below:​

    King Abdulaziz Airport: JEDCOOLCARGO@SAL.SA
    King Khalid Airport: RUHCOOLCARGO@SAL.SA
    King Fahd Airport: DMMCOOLCARGO@SAL.SA​

    Sincerely Regard

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