• The Implementation of Risk analysis System and Critical control points



    To / owners of food and bottled water factories


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with the best greetings and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Council of Saudi Chambers (SG / 1792) dated (18/7/1440), which referred to the letter of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority No. (54033 / p) dated (17/7/1440) that includes the desire of the Authority to inform all the food and bottled water plants in the Kingdom of their intention to apply the HACCP and Critical Control Points (HACCP System) on all factories, which will be mandatory.

    All of these factories must obtain the certificate of application of the HACCP from the matching bodies that will be approved by the Authority in the near future, during the period of time specified and ending at the end of 2022.


    The system will be implemented in two phases: the first include all food factories with high-risk activity and end by the end of 2020.

     The second phase includes all food and bottled water factories with low and medium risk activity and ending at the end of 2022.


         Therefore, food and bottled water factories must adhere to the HACCP system directed throughout the Kingdom to work with its content.​

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