• The Committee asking traders and manufacturers who wish to export to Iraq.


    Peace and blessings,

              Asharqia Chamber presents its best regards and informs you of  the receipt of the letter  No. (2725) date (11/11 / 1438), referring to the letter of the Saudi Export Development Authority No. (1291) date 9/11 / 1438, regarding the Committee  order to traders and manufacturers who wish to export to Iraq by presenting their wishes and exporting challenges to the Iraqi market facing them, and send the following information to the Committee to provide the necessary services to them through e-mail TF@saudiexports.sa as follows:

    Facility information (name, sector).
    Representative information (name, contact number, e-mail).
    Desired products and services exported. Export challenges to Iraq.


    For further information, please contact Mr. Salman Bin Ali Al Badah (Trade Facilitation Department) at 0118742023 and e-mail: salbadah@saudiexports.sa for coordination and following up.

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