• Nominations Open for the award of the Council of Ministers of Arab Housing and Reconstruction


    The East Chamber presents its compliments this is to inform you that we received a letter from Council of Saudi Chambers No. (ش.غ/ 1168 ) dated ( 20/04/1435) , which referred to the letter of the Ministry of Housing number ( 2356 ) dated ( 02/04/1435) , containing the briefingthat the Council of Ministers of housing and Urban Arabs decided at its (30th session) for opening  the door for nomination for the award of the Council of ministers of Arab Housing and Reconstruction for the year ( 2014 ) the architect and the theme of " affordable housing " is granted to a architects Arabs for the most important and the most prominent of its creative architecture according to the subject of the award , which highlights traditional characterinherent to the Arab and Islamic architecture , whether working or non- outlet port , to be received nominations to the Technical Secretariat of the Council no later than ( 07/31/2014 ) .
         The deadline for receiving nomination files in the Ministry of Housing is the end of Thursday ( 09/13/1435 corresponding to 07/10/2014 ) so that the Department will review and choose two candidates from the Kingdom of maximum by the Regulations and the conditions and procedures governing the award and later to send secretariattechnical Council in advance of the deadline for the arrival of the nominations, but further clarification can contact the Directorate General for International Cooperation at the Ministry phone number (0112894113) Mobile number (0555259927) , email (w.ghashum@housing.gov.sa).​

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