• Investment Opportunities in the Al-Baha Region


    Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber extends its warmest greetings to you and informs you of receiving a letter from the Saudi Chambers Union, number (45102946), dated (5/7/1445 AH). The letter refers to the email received from the Chamber of Commerce in Al-Mukhwah, dated (15/1/2024 AD), which includes a number of investment opportunities presented on the "Forsah" platform in the Al-Baha region – (Qalwah – Al-Mukhwah Governorate):

    Mango cultivation and fruit-bearing trees in Al-Mukhwah Governorate in the Al-Baha region – with an area of 2,044,032 square meters.

    Nursery for forest trees in Al-Baha in Qalwah Governorate, Plot No. 6 – with an area of 43,007.4 square meters.

    Therefore, you can review the announcements for the opportunities on the platform by scanning the QR code below.

    ​Investment opportunities
    http://go.ac.sa/l31​Planting mangoes and fruit trees in Al-Makhwah Governorate
    http://go.ac.sa/pjv​Forestry nursery in Al-Baha, Qilwah Governorate, Block No. 6​


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