• Flour production and selling it to their customers at prices supported by the country


    ​.Sirs / respected chamber participants
    Peace and God's mercy and blessings
              The chamber presents  its finest greetings, and informs You of the receipt of the letter of Saudi Chambers Council Resolution
    ( 50) and the date (01/02/1438) referred  to receiving the Council letter of the Ministry of Trade and Investment No. (65160) on (12/27/1437) referred the letter of the Deputy General organization number (60244) date (4.12.1437 e), about what the  istitution of the production of flour and selling it to their customers at prices from the country with the aim of bread insurance (bitta -samoli) to the consumer without shortages , the institution and through observing  the market has noted that some bakeries were directing flour  to products of (high profitable) like deserts, pastries and and lack of bread.

    Council urgs  automatic bakeries and semi automatic to provide bread (bitta -samoli)  at all times with the standard weights and prices, that whoever violate them and in case of repetition, the General  institution ofgrains will stop his share of flour.

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