• Emphasis on preventing the trading and sale of Suweika and Shama


    ​Asharqia Chamber presents its best greetings to you, and would like to inform you of receiving the letter of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (122 / R) dated 1/1/1440 AH, which refers to the fine guidance contained in the Royal Court Press No. 51691 dated 9/11/1438 that the Authority is the inly competent authority to examine tobacco products and prepare standard specifications and products, and issued and approved.

    There is a reference to the Royal Decree No. (48369) and the date (26/10/1432 e) that includes the emphasis on preventing the sale of Suweika and Alshama, as these substances are non-smoked tobacco types and are often used by chewing and spread under several names, for example, not limited to "Tombak, brdogan, alhakah, algorha, alsaffah, alsout, gotka" and others.


    The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) affirms the provisions of the Royal Decree forbidding (spreading / saling) of Suweika, Shamma and all non-smoked tobacco, where all the legal procedures in this regard will be taken against violators.​

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