• Draft technical regulations for natural and artificial leather


    Gentlemen / Manufacturers and importers of natural and synthetic leather


    The Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (42100783) and the date (2/21/1442), in which the letter of the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology, and Quality is referred to No. (802 / p) and the date (2/17/1442). The Council of Ministers Resolution No. (216) dated (6/17/1431), and to what was stated in Articles Three, Four and Five of the regulation, which includes “that the authority is exclusively competent to develop and approve the texts of standard specifications and publish these specifications in the ways that the commission deems appropriate in pursuit of them To ensure the quality of national products and enable national products to compete in the local and international markets, protect the Kingdom's markets from non-conforming goods. The authority has prepared a draft of the technical regulations for natural and artificial leather and their products via the following link: (https://bit.ly/3lpxl5v).

    Sincerely Regard


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