• Accreditation of accident assessment centers for the car rental sector



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    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received a letter from the Council of Saudi Chambers No. (L / L / 2011) and the date (11/4 / 1441) and referred to in the speech of His Excellency the Chairman of the Public Authority for Transport No. (44/41/2828) and the date (111/1441), which includes reference to Article (31) of the regulations organizing the car rental activity and the rental brokers, which states that “in the event of a dispute between the parties to the contract due to the estimation of damages resulting from non-traffic accidents, misuse, or consumption, it is committed to The facility authorized to perform the activity by assessing the damage to the vehicle through the evaluation authority accredited by the Authority, provided that the person responsible for the damage is responsible for the cost of the examination and assessment result.

    Therefore, the authority informs you that it has entered into an agreement with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents (assessment) to qualify technical centers to estimate the damage to vehicles for rental car activity and rental brokers resulting from non-traffic accidents, misuse or consumption in a number of cities according to the conditions and criteria specified for the evaluation process And based on the regulatory and supervisory authority’s role in the transportation sector, and in order to increase the quality of the services provided in the car rental sector, the report on the damage to rental vehicles has been approved through centers for assessing the damage caused by non-traffic accidents starting from 11/14/ 1441 AH (corresponding to 7/5/2020 AD), in the event of a dispute between the parties to the lease of the rental vehicle as a result of estimating the damages resulting from non-traffic accidents, or misuse, in the following cities (Riyadh - Jeddah - Al-Khobar) Note that the licensed establishment, upon requesting the estimate, must attach the following:​

    A copy of the vehicle rental contract.
    A copy of the last (3) rental contracts for the vehicle for which the damage is to be assessed.
    A copy of the description of the vehicle's internal and external condition before and after its delivery, and a description of the damage in Arabic and automatically (print).​

    Sincerely Regard

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