• Family businesses turned to contribution Forum - 2013

    Event Start Date :11 September 2013
    Event End Date : 11 September 2013

    Family businesses turned to contribution Forum - 2013

    ​ Under the patronage of his Excellency Mr. Mohamed ibn Abd al-Malik Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the capital market authority, the Chamber organized in cooperation with the Saudi stock exchange (Tadawul) ' Forum family business turned into joint stock companies-2013 ', which highlights the experience of some family businesses and their contribution mechanism and some of the challenges that have been overtaken by major corporate governance and its impact on the family business. As reviewed by specialists the determinants of family business transformation to the contribution, and importance of shifting needs and mechanisms applied. In addition to the expected economic impacts and implications of this transformation. The Forum is a valuable opportunity to meet with businessmen and investors in the region with officials of the financial market authority, the Saudi stock exchange (Tadawul) and financial and legal advisers to answer questions and inquire about how the transformation and its mechanisms. The Forum also aims to review the role of transformation in maintaining the continuity of the company and ensure the continuity of their success and growth and development under current economic challenges.
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