About Business Women's Center

Brief on the Center

The establishment of the Businesswomen’s Center comes about as part of the vision of Asharqia ChamberBusiness Women Center and its role in the growth and development of the region through leading and organizing the activities of the private sector. This vision recognizes the belonging of the businesswomen to the private sector and it believes in the ability of Saudi women in general and businesswomen in particular specifically, when it comes to the positive participation in nation-building and active participation in the development process, increasing GDP volume, and increasing growth rates. Based the Chamber’s message that aims to provide excellence in providing services to its members and meeting the aspirations of the private sector towards the ideal investment in available resources, renewable technologies, and the participation in the ov erall development of the Eastern Province, leading to the aspirations of the Chamber’s members in light of the values and principles of the Saudi society, the Chamber aims to make the businesswomen’s center "an added value” in providing unique services to the center’s members. In addition, it aims for these services to become a driver for these institutions to further develop, modernize, and rejuvenate so as to enhance their contribution to the overall development of the region economically, socially, and culturally, leading to the aspirations of the society and the Chamber, and the hopes of the businesswomen. The businesswomen’s center represents a working model that transforms one of the slogans of the Chamber and some of its goals and strategic objectives into reality. In addition, it takes it from words into actions, like many initiatives undertaken and implemented by the Chamber towards improving its services to all its members.

There is no doubt the businesswomen’s center comes about due to the massive development witnessed in the “business environment” in the Eastern Province, representing the increase in growth of the businesswomen’s sector. This has lead to the increased focus in this sector by capitalizing on this growth and focusing it to benefit the growth process in general and developing the regional economy in particular.


Taking a lead in the business opportunities for the Saudi woman in the Eastern Province and increasing and developing their abilities and contribution to the economic and social development.


Providing high end, unique services that meet the aspirations of the businesswomenBusiness Women Center and providing training various training programs catered to women in order to prepare and qualify them culturally, occupationally, and productively while encouraging the private sector in finding activities and opportunities for the Saudi woman in order to utilize her role in serving society.

Target Groups

1- Businesswomen (Chamber members and non-members)
2- New investors
3- Owners of small projects working from their homes
4- Job seekers
5- Women’s community in the Eastern Province
6- The private sector and those directly involved in women working

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