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​The director of King Fahad Causeway customs Fahad bin Dhaifallah aloaibi asserted that the department is keen on reducing all the obstacles that clearing agents tend to face. Moreover, he asserted that the role of clearing agents is to facilitate commercial activity. All these topics were discussed in a meeting with the customs clearing committee members in Asharqia Chamber, on Sunday 8 November 2015.  The meetings deliberated several questions that concern clearing agents, on top of which is the number of tickets that clearing agents receive. Alotaibi asserted that the suggestion to extend the validity of the clearing card to match the dispatching licence.


​Asharqia Chamber presented by its employment center will organize a meeting on Monday morning, 16 November 2015a meeting to offer job opportunities for the youth. More than 900 requests will be received during that meeting for jobs supplied by four major companies in the region. Those companies will present employment opportunities for young people how to hold a high school certificate, diploma or a bachelor degree. Rawabi Holding has supplied 357 position, Zaid Alussain and brothers group has supplied 111 position, Azizia Panda has supplied 450 jobs and NOVIAsat has provided 30 position.


​Recruitment agencies owners in the eastern region called for a radical solution to the issue of fleeing workers, and they asserted that this issue is damaging their reputation and credibility as business owners. Agency owners stated during the workshop held in Asharqia Chamber represented by the recruitment committee on Wednesday morning 11 November 2015 in its central office asserted that there should be a proper penalties system and fines. They consider the current measures of deportation and banning the worker for entering Saudi is not sufficient.