• specialist: "Etimad platform" aims to enhance digital partnership between the private sector and government institutions


    ​specialist: "Etimad platform" aims to enhance the digital partnership between the private sector and government institutions​

    Lulwa bint Nasser Al-Ghaith, a training specialist at the National Center for Government Resources Systems, said that the “Etimad” electronic platform aims to strengthen partnerships between government agencies, the private sector, and individuals, to achieve the goals of development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, achieve the digital transformation of services, enhance local content and increase participation Small and medium products in economic development, raising the level of transparency and spending efficiency.​

    Al-Ghaith said during a workshop held remotely to introduce the platform's services affiliated with the National Center for Government Resources Systems, which was moderated by a member of the Commercial Committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Eng. Muhammad bin Khalid Al-Muhammadi, on Tuesday (23 / May / 2023) that the center, which was established to support small and medium enterprises and local content By raising the level of quality of services provided to beneficiaries, improving procedures and integration among them, promoting innovation and using the most prominent modern technologies. Pointing out that the beneficiaries of the platform are government agencies, private sector institutions, government employees, and financial institutions, as through the platform, opportunities are provided to everyone, experience is improved, and cooperation between the various parties is enhanced.

    Al-Ghaith explained through the workshop, which defined some of the services and products provided through the platform, including the "digital contracting" service, which is a government service that provides an opportunity for both government agencies and the private sector to agree on the details of contracts and sign them digitally, which results in strengthening the role of the private sector in Participate in the "automation" of contract forms.

    Al-Ghaith presented a comparison between the current situation (post-service) and the previous situation (i.e. before the service), as all procedures - including signature - are now done digitally instead of the last paper and manual status, in addition to that contract information and awarding mechanisms are now It is clear, and that the competition procedures had become linked with the registration procedures after the automation of the forms, unlike the previous period when there was no link mentioned in this regard.​

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